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Tanssila specializes in children’s dance education in Helsinki. We also offer classes for adults and teens at Tanssila’s own studios in Metsälä, Pakila and Haaga.

Our dance education focuses on ballet, contemporary and showdance. Kids classes touch upon these styles more generally and 7+ year-olds have the opportunity to choose between and focus more in-depth in each of these techniques. We also offer intensive courses in other dance styles.

Our classes are based on the pedagogy of learning through joy. Skilled teachers, systematic planning of classes and many opportunities to perform form the foundation of our dance education.

Registration for classes

The registration for Tanssila’s classes can be done through our website. Choose the class or dance intensive you wish to join and add it to cart. You can complete the registration with your bank ID or credit card. Please be precise when filling in your personal and contact information.

The registration is valid for one semester at a time (unless signing up with a 5-time-card or a single class), so registration has to be done separately for the autumn and spring of each year. It is not possible to sign-up for a whole year at a time.

Payment is possible by multiple different methods. All registrations must be done through our website. (Also clients with exercise vouchers!)

Payment methods

1, During registration payment is done for one semester (or intensive etc.) with a personal online banking ID, credit card or OP’s invoicing service. Checkout offers many options to complete the payment.

1, Exercise voucher

Registration for adults classes can also be done with exercise vouchers, Smartum or Edenred. E-passi also is an accepted payment method. If you’re using paper vouchers, please bring them to your teacher on the first day of your classes in an envelope with your full name on it. If you’re paying with exercise vouchers online, please make sure the payment is completed before your first class.


Discounts are for Tanssila’s dance classes.

Family discount: If you sign-up for classes at the same time, each dancer from the same family receives -10% discount from the price of the class. Ask for the discount code, info@tanssila.fi.

Signing up for multiple classes? If you wish to participate in more than one weekly class, you will receive a 10% discount on all of your classes. Remember to sign-up for the classes at the same time! Ask for the discount code, info@tassila.fi.

Jalokivi solo-rehearsal discounts: You will receive a discount if you’ve chosen an additional weekly class on top of your solo rehearsal. You will not be eligible for the discount code if you’ve only chosen, for example, Smaragdit + solo. Contact the office, info@tanssila.fi, to figure out you’re eligibility if you’re unsure.

The discount code is eligible when registering for the semester or when purchasing a 5-time-card. A discount cannot be used when attending a single class. The discount will show in your shopping cart immediately after applying the code. Contact the office if you have problems. We will gladly help you.


Rgistration is binding. If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with your dance classes or your little one is still too nervous to participate, let us know in writing, info@tanssila.fi. Cancellation is possible for two weeks after the semester has started. We will return the payment to your account, as long as the cancellation was done in the satisfaction guarantee period. Include information about the class, location and your account number in the cancellation email. Please also let us know the reason for cancellation, so we will know how to develop our services in the future.


- Cancellation does not does not apply to Jalokivi-registrations.

- During cancellations potential discounts might lapse and the refund amount can be compensated in accordance with eligible discounts.

Testing a class

You are welcome to try Tanssila’s classes once free of charge, as long as there’s room in the class. You can check for free spots through our website. You are not able try a sold out class. You can always contact our office to check for possible spots that might have opened up or to be waitlisted.

Starting classes mid-semester

You can start classes throughout the semester. The first classes of the semester you can compensate with extra classes. You can also receive a discount depending on when you start the classes.

3-4 weekly classes late -10%

5-6 weekly classes late -20%

7+ weekly classes late -30%

Absence and compensation policy

If you miss class because of sickness or travel, you may compensate these missed classes by attending another same level class on another day. If you are unsure which class would suit you, please contact the office, info@tanssila.fi, or ask your own dance teacher.

You are also able to compensate classes that are not held because of a national holiday or for some other reason cancelled by Tanssila. A list of classes to be compensated is found with the schedule for the semester.

Occasionally there is a a situation where finding a substitute teacher turns out to be impossible. In these situations, classes might have to be cancelled with short notice. Notice will be sent out by text message, so please be precise when filling in your information during registration. These classes you can compensate for on your own schedule.

Right to compensation is valid for and during the ongoing semester.

In the case of a serious injury or illness where you will to miss more than 50% of the semester’s classes, it is possible to receive reimbursement for the semester’s registration fee. Alternatively the right to participate in classes can be transferred to the next semester.

Jalokivi- and intensive groups compensation rights will be discussed separately case by case.

Tanssila offers Tonttutunnit at the end of December and Toukotunnit during May. Tanssila’s clients can come to these to make up for missed classes. Dancer’s outside of Tanssila, and Tanssilas’s clients with no classes to make up for, may participate for the small fee of five euros per class. Please sign-up for these classes as normal.


Tanssila’s clients are liability insured, so that students are not responsible for possible broken materials during classes. Each student is responsible for having a valid accident insurance. At dance camps and competitions each dancer is also responsible for their own insurances. Please make sure yours are up to date.


Dance class is the highlight of the week for many of us. Here are some practical matters to be aware of regardless of age or skill-level.

Behavior in dance class

- Please be on time

- Long hair should be appropriately up

- Wear appropriate clothing for dance class

- Respectful and kind behavior towards everyone in class

- Please have your phone on silent

- Ask your teacher if you have any questions about the class

If a student is not willing to respect these guidelines, even after the teacher’s multiple remarks, suspension is possible. These rare cases will be handled and discussed privately with the people concerned.